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Elements of Electrification Strategy for India         SRI Report - 31.05.22                                          Implementation


Handbook for Energy Conservation Guidelines for MSME    ROSHANEEE





Monitoring & Verification Guidelines                                        UNNATEE                                   State Energy Efficiency Index 2019


      Pathways for Accelerated                           Energy Conservation Building Code 2017                             SDA Handbook

Transformation in Industry Sector                                       


    Compendium on DSM measures                             National Carbon Market                             State Energy Efficiency Index 2020

by Distribution Companies (DISCOMs)  


      Lessons Learnt in ESCerts                               Cold Chain Energy Efficiency in India

     Trading under PAT Scheme                              Analysis of Energy Efficiency Opportunities in Packhouses






 Annual Report 2020-21 Hindi (हिन्दी)                  Annual Report 2020-21 English                           


          Year 2019-20 Hindi (हिन्दी)                                Year 2019-20 English                                              


          Year 2018-19 Hindi                                                Year 2018-19 English 


          Year 2017-18 Hindi                                  Year 2017-18 English                                              Year 2016-17 English


          Year 2016-17 Hindi                                 Year 2015-16 English                                             Year 2015-16 Hindi


          Year 2014-15 English                                Year 2014-15 Hindi                                              



Impact of Energy Efficiency Measures 



      Year 2017-18 English                                      Year 2018-19 English                                         Year 2018-19 Hindi


      Year 2019-20 English                                            Year 2020-21 English



BEE Line News Letter January to March 2022                                  BEE Line News Letter April to June 2022


BEE Line Newsletter 2021 (July-September)    BEE Line Newsletter 2021 (April-June)      BEE News letter January -March


BEE News letter Apr to Jun 2019             BEE Line 4 Issue July to September      BEE News letter Oct to Dec 2019


BEE News letter Jan to Mar 2020         BEE News letter Apr to Jun 2020            BEE News letter Jul to Sep 2020


BEE News letter Oct to Dec 2020               BEE News letter January -March                 BEE News letter April-June 2021



BEE News letter July-September 2021    BEE News letter October-December 2021      



User Manual for PAT BEE Vol-II                         User Manual for PAT, DCs Vol-III                    User Manual for PAT (AEA) Vol-IV


         User Manual for PAT                               User Manual for PAT SDA SERC Vol-VI              User Manual for PAT,Consolidated Vol-I

         CERC-POSOCO Vol-V