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Framework for Energy Efficient Economic Development (FEEED):


To build the market for energy efficiency it is imperative to ease the financing of energy efficiency projects through different fiscal instruments. FEEED is designed for development of fiscal instruments to promote energy efficiency. The objective is to provide the comfort to concerned stakeholders through implementation of Energy Efficiency schemes such as Partial Risk Sharing Facility (PRSF) to provide partial credit guarantees to cover a share of the default risk that participating financial institutions face in extending loans to eligible Energy Efficiency sub-projects. SIDBI is Project Executing Agency for this programme. Each energy saving loans given by Participating Financial Institutions (PFIs) is partially guaranteed for a maximum tenure of 5 years with guarantee coverage ranging from 40-75% of the loan amount or Rs. 15 crore per project. Till date there are 12 banks/ NBFCs who are already empanelled with SIDBI for PRSF. For more information regarding this scheme please check their website http://prsf.sidbi.in/

To upscale EE financing, BEE is in process of designing new financing instruments under FEEED.

Notice for willingness survey:

To further assist in implementation of Energy Efficiency projects, BEE is inviting willingness from various stakeholders to seek financing for implementing Energy Efficiency projects in India. A notice in this regard has been issued by BEE on 24th August 2018.

You are requested to send the filled up willingness form on eefinancing.bee@gmail.com . In case of any query please contact on helpdesk number 011-26766813.

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