Capacity Building of DISCOMs

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Background :



Demand Side Management (DSM) measures in the Energy Sector is a cost-effective tool. As a customer strategy, DSM programs encourage the installation of end-use technologies that consume less energy, thereby reducing or shifting the customers’ overall electric bill. DSM programs can help utilities to reduce their peak power purchases on the wholesale market thereby lowering their overall cost of operations.

The capacity building and other support is essential for the DISCOMs to implement DSM in their respective areas. In this context, Bureau of Energy Efficiency has launched a programme for capacity building of DISCOMs. This will help in capacity building of DISCOMs and development of various mechanisms to promote DSM in their respective states.

During financial year 2012-17, BEE had selected 34 DISCOMs for their capacity building and providing necessary support for the implementation of DSM related activities. During second phase, remaining 28 DISCOMs are included under this programme.

Objective :

The objective of the programme is to carry out load management programme, development of DSM action plan and implementation of DSM activities in their respective areas. The following activities have been initiated so far under this programme.

During FY 2012-17, Major activities carried out are as follows (Phase-I)

  • 34 DISCOMs were selected for participating as beneficiary DISCOMs under this programme.
  • Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) were signed between BEE and selected 34 DISCOMs.
  • DSM Cell established by 34 DISCOMs.
  • DSM regulation has been notified in 23 States for these DISCOMs.
  • Manpower Support were provided to each DISCOM for facilitation of DSM related activities. The same would be continued during 2017-20.
  • The Load survey had been completed and their DSM Action Plans have been finalized.
  • Under this programme, 504 officials of 34 DISCOMs had been trained as Master Trainers on Demand Side Management and Energy Efficiency under Training of Trainers activity and about 5000 officials have been trained on DSM and Energy Efficiency.

During FY 2017-20, the major activities are as follows (Phase-II)

  • Remaining 28 DISCOMs have been included to participate under this program.
  • A Tripartite Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) have been signed between BEE, DISCOMs and respective SDAs.
  • DSM Cell has been established by 25 DISCOMs for 2nd phase DISCOMs.
  • BEE has engaged zone wise 5 Project Management Consultants (PMCs) for undertaking activities under “Capacity Building of DISCOMs” program for new 28 DISCOMs and existing 34 DISCOMs.
  • The PMCs would carry out load research studies and development of DSM Action Plan for each of the new DISCOM. The PMCs have already initiated the preliminary data collection of load research activity in their respective zone.
  • Load Research Studies for 17 DISCOMs have been completed and Draft LR Reports have been summited to DISCOMs for approval. Preparation of DSM Action Plans are under Process.
  • The PMCs would create about 1000 Master Trainers and about 4000 circle level officials of DISCOMs would be trained on DSM & EE.
  • Out of 1000, 950 Master trainers have been trained on DSM and Energy Efficiency through 27 Training of Trainers (ToT) programs in association with respective SDAs.
  • Out of 112 circle level programs, 42 no. of capacity building of circle level officials of DISOCMs training programs have been completed and about 1500 (out of 4000) circle level officials have been provided training on DSM & EE.
  • The manpower support (one technical and one financial) would be provided to both new 28 and existing 34 DISCOMs for implementation of the activities under this program during 2017-20. Till date, 100 consultants are positioned at various DISCOMs under this program for carrying out various DSM Activities.
  • DSM regulations have been notified for 29 States and UTs. Remaining states are pursuing to notify their DSM regulations for their respective states.
  • All the activities are to be completed by April, 2021.

List of DISCOMs